Yammer-Social Networking Service Acquired by Microsoft

Yammer-Social Networking Service

Yammer-Social Networking Service Acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft Yammer is a freemium (Free & Premium) enterprise social networking service which is generally used by organizations for Communications within the premise. Its access is usually determined by the User’s Internet domain which means Individuals with approved Email addresses may join it.

Its service began back in 2008 as an internal communications system for a website called “Geni.com” and it was launched as an independent product. In 2012, it was acquired by Microsoft for the US $1.2 Billion. It’s currently included in Microsoft’s Office Setup, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 (Enterprise Edition).

In the next year, 2013 Microsoft integrated Yammer Subscriptions into Office Setup 365 (Enterprise Edition) Subscriptions. In 2014 Yammer’s development was moved into Office 365 development team, Yammer also allows users to log in through Office 365 as they have plans to show in Yammer in Office 365 header section.

In the year 2016, Yammer removed several features related to Microsoft SharePoint, including support for SharePoint Server 2013. There was a renewed focus on Yammer Embed Feed.

Yammer discontinued the Yammer Business Plan in 2016 due to a change in the usage of the more general subscription structure of Office 365. They also announced that Yammer will integrate with Office 365 groups and allow end-users to use Office Online to produce and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

Yammer unveiled ‘The New Yammer’ in 2019, which focuses on a redesign focused on the Fluent Design Framework of Microsoft. In November, complete integration with Microsoft Teams was announced.

Additional features of New Yammer:

Yammer provides several extra features to its users, they include:

Use of Hashtags: When you see people use hashtags on Twitter, they are not pleasing, but they prove to be pretty helpful on Yammer. It’s robust search functions digs up old hashtagged posts. @mentions are also included in Yammer.

Contact Co-workers: The People Directory provides a searchable database of and person registered in your Yammer automatically, making it particularly easy to find contact details for the people in your company. Perhaps better, profiles in the People Directory have lists of skills that are also searchable. In order to find the right person for the job again, you never have to scramble.

Sharing Files: Yammer provides a feature by which users can attach a file to a post to share information quickly, without forcing recipients to go through clogged inboxes. Users can upload files, upload images and videos, where other Yammers can go and download it directly. Groups have their own independent repositories of data that complement the main one, and if vital data are modified, workers may obtain automatic alerts.

Collaborating: As mentioned previously about file repositories, teams are independent to create pages here pages are essential documents in group settings. Group Admins have the control to set the page as Official or Read-Only.

Open API’s: It means if you want to integrate Yammer into SharePoint, SAP, Salesforce.com, or anything else, there is no problem with Yammer to do those things, with Yammer you can do it easily.

Mobile Devices: Yammer is completely compatible with all mobile devices including IOS, Android, Java, and even on Old Windows Phones.

Lesser Emails: Yammer claims that companies that use generate 40% lesser emails.

Yammer is ideal for Businesses and if you are not using it go ahead and avail this premium app ASAP

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