Useful Hacks Which You Can Get Most out of Your Office Subscription

Microsoft office hacks

Thanks to the diverse suite of products that it provides to commercial customers, Office 365 is rising in popularity. There are more than 120 million active business users on a subscription plan, according to Microsoft, and many more consumers who use at least one Office product.

Here are some of my favorite hacks, tricks, and features that can help you improve your productivity and get more out of your Office 365 subscription:

Here are some of my favorite hacks, tricks, and features

1. Pay attention to Tell Me.

Do you feel like a novice to your subscription to Office 365, with little knowledge of any of the platform’s productivity resources and best features? You need to use Tell Me then. You will see a box at the top of most Office 365 apps, like Word and Excel, that says “Tell me what you want to do …”

Even if you know how to do a task, consider putting it into “Tell Me” to see how Office recommends handling it.

2. Make use of Clutter.

Your mother probably told you when you were a kid that your room wasn’t going to clean by itself. You probably have it ingrained as an adult that your Inbox would not clean itself, ah, but it does! Microsoft will start paying attention to which emails you are reading and which ones you have left unread until you turn on the Clutter feature in Outlook. When it knows your interests, it will automatically start sorting your mostly unread or low-priority messages into a “clutter” folder.

3. Manage conversations with Ignore option.

If you have ever used Gmail, you know that there is a simple “mute” button that allows you to avoid getting updates and messages from a thread that you don’t want to be part of. You will get something similar with an Outlook 365 subscription: the Ignore Conversation feature, which will erase the conversation and stop you from receiving new updates about it. An Overlooked Conversation can still be restored if it is still in your Deleted Items folder.

4. Keep all your notes in one place.

Are you the kind of person who keeps notes anywhere, in a scheduler, on sticky notes, in an open Word file, and on a to-do list online? At times, this approach is easy, but terribly inefficient, particularly when you have a product at your fingertips, such as OneNote. OneNote allows you to take notes, build to-do lists and, most importantly, access your content regardless of where you are or what you do.

5. Take better notes with Office Lens.

Your Office 365 subscription gives you a platform for taking better notes (and taking them faster) using the Microsoft Office Lens software while you’re at it. You can use the camera on your smartphone to take a snapshot of something, such as a whiteboard or paper sheet, and convert it into a digital note. You will never scramble again to jot down a whiteboard map.

6. Research on the fly with Smart Lookup.

If you type something and are curious about a word or expression that you have used, consider highlighting it, then take advantage of the Smart Lookup feature of Office 365. You can pull up a Bing search window with just one click and find out more about whatever you are writing about.

7. Collaborate with Co-Authoring in Microsoft Word.

You will discover that co-authoring and paper sharing are not only restricted to Google Docs with an Office 365 subscription. In reality, since 2013, collaboration and co-authorship have been open to Office users. As long as you save your files to OneDrive or SharePoint, as you work towards a finished product, you can immediately share them with your colleagues and monitor their changes.

8. View SharePoint View to organize your Documents.

You can build custom SharePoint Views to help arrange them if you hold loads of documents in SharePoint. You may set parameters such as geographic regions, priority orders, or other variables, for example, and display only the documents that match those parameters.

9. Attach Files conveniently.

SharePoint is also very handy for files to be connected, so if you are not already, start using it. Instead of going through the attaching process (and taking up space in your inbox), use the Share+ feature to add a shareable connection to your emails.

10. Beef up your SlideShows with Sway.

You can spice them up with Sway if your slideshows are looking a little stale lately. To make your content more visually pleasing, Sway provides a lot of templates, background images, and bonus features. By beginning with an outline that you import from an existing document, you can save time as well.

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