Task Tracking Application by Microsoft for Office Suite

Task Tracking Application by Microsoft for Office Suite

Task Tracking Application by Microsoft for Office Suite

MyAnalytics is an application designed by Microsoft which helps the employees and managers in any organization gain insights about how much time they usually spend doing the task. It’s a part of the Office setup productivity suite which is compatible with the latest Microsoft office setup. This application simply keeps track of the time spent by employees and managers in Meetings, Emails, productivity, and time spent while working late.

MyAnalytics is a favorite application where the management is successful in making their employees productive, efficient, and content in the workspace. The aim of this application is to benefit teams by using analytics about worker’s tasks which helps them to improve workforce and speed.

MyAnalytics can create reports and dashboards based on the efficiency of a particular worker. To optimize staffing configurations and worker processes, other applications for human resource management, talent management, and continuous performance management will overlap with these results.

MyAnalytics uses the data which is already available in form of the User’s Calender and Emails. This way MyAnalytics does not collect any additional data. This results in users spending time to collect and analyze data themselves. This is a part of Office setup productivity suites Enterprise or E5 plan, and this application is available in this version of Office setup only.

Use of MyAnalytics:

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics simply has categorized tasks into Meeting hours, email hours, focus hours, after work hours, and basic time overview based on time spent on various tasks.

  • Time overview can be used to give a simple overview about the time spent by users.
  • The network segment, such as top collaborators, is dedicated to evaluating who a user is working with.
  • Meetings would encourage users, if time is spent multitasking, to see their time spent in meetings, as well as how they handle their time in those meetings.
  • Email is going to show users how long they spend emailing others. On Outlook, an add-on is also available for this feature. Based on their recent work experience, the add-on will offer users activity cards.
  • The focus hours are described by Microsoft as time spent working outside meetings. Specifically, the firm sees focus hours as at least two consecutive hours of time outside meetings.
  • Microsoft’s way of saying how much time a person spends working after their official day of work is after hours. This feature can be used by users to keep track of their balance between work and life.

How Does It Work:

The “Home” page of MyAnalytics serves as the main dashboard that displays statistics of a user’s work habits for the last month. Furthermore, via the configuration settings, data insights can be customized to show what data points a user needs to monitor.

Data from Microsoft’s Outlook and Skype for Business applications, as well as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive will be merged by MyAnalytics. Data is stored in the user’s mailbox, ensuring it gets the same level of protection that the user’s email gets.

The data aggregated by MyAnalytics shall include:

  • Email data — including the text for the email body, mail metadata, and information about the actions taken by the email recipient.
  • Calendar details — including user status — as to whether the user is free, busy, or out of the office — as well as information on the appointment or meeting, such as the nature, length of the meeting, and the number of participants.
  • Company Data Teams and Skype — including the number of audio and video calls, collaborative events, and talks.
  • OneDrive and SharePoint data — which includes documents used by the user on each platform.

MyAnalytics is an Artificial Intelligence-based application that generates data based on a worker’s work behavior and it’s also based on his work done on other office setup apps.

Benefits of MyAnalytics App:

  • Receive data-driven recommendations for optimizing workflow;
  • Increased awareness of partners and consumer networks;
  • A weekly e-mail digest of recommendations to help users understand their job patterns;
  • An add-on to Outlook to display email statistics directly from Outlook;
  • Actional perspectives into how much time is spent on what happens every month;
  • Potential for productivity growth.

This application has also resulted in negative reviews coming from its users complaining about privacy and task getting monitored. Users talk about everyday tasks like writing emails, creating meetings, and opening documents getting constantly monitored which violates employee’s privacy. It’s also said that the data collected can be used to justify negative reviews however Microsoft simply tells that the data is not actively monitored although data can be collected by users themselves. Microsoft also assures its users that their data is private.

MyAnalytics can also be accessed from Outlook by simply installing the MyAnalytics Add-on in Outlook but remember this is only available in Enterprise edition of Office Setup and it can also be found pre-installed there. To locate the add-on, go to the home ribbon area of Outlook, Icon should be on the top right corner, that will be MyAnalytics Icon. By selecting the icon users can see insights for emails, after work hours, options to add a contact, options to book focus time, set reminders, and option to see the list of shared Onedrive and SharePoint Documents.

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