Shortcut keys for Ms Excel which can save your day

Shortcut keys for Ms Excel

Here are some easily remembered shortcut keys ranging from A-Z which come in handy when you use your Excel from your office setup, it also includes other applications from office setup.

Those shortcuts ranging from A-Z are mentioned below:

Ctrl+A: Select All

Ctrl+B: Bold Text

Ctrl+C: Copy Text

Ctrl+D: Fills Text Down

Ctrl+E: Fills Flash Text

Ctrl+F : Find Text

Ctrl+G: Go-To specific location

Ctrl+H: Replaces Text

Ctrl+I: Italic Text

Ctrl+K: Insert Hyperlink

Ctrl+L: Insert Table

Ctrl+N: New SpreadSheet

Ctrl+O: Opens Old Spreadsheet

Ctrl+P: Prints SpreadSheet

Ctrl+R: Fills Right

Ctrl+S: Saves Spreadsheet

Ctrl+T: Insert Table

Ctrl+U: Underlines Text

Ctrl+V: Pastes Copied Text

Ctrl+W: Closes SpreadSheet

Ctrl+X: Cuts Text

Ctrl+Y: Redo Previous Action

Ctrl+Z: Undo Action

Some of the commands mentioned above can also be used in other office setup applications including Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, etc and let’s not forget they can also be used outside the Office setup suite as well. These shortcut commands come in handy when you are continuously using these office setup applications and they can save you a ton of time. These commands can be a little bit hectic to remember but you can find the direct options in the taskbar any application you use. e.g: if you want to use Undo or Redo Command, but you don’t remember the commands you can access the command on the top left corner of your screen of Excel or Word application by locating two arrows facing backward to each other.

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