Safe File Sharing Secrets You Need To Know

Safe File Sharing Secrets You Need To Know

Safe File Sharing Secrets You Need To Know

Safety of data is important for everyone in today’s world, sometimes the files need to be shared with your colleagues in your office, send presentations to your college/school, share data files with different departments, etc, but the question arises here, is the method of your file/data sharing secure? Is your data/file secure, protected, and safe?
Let’s learn more about the secrets of the secure sharing of data/files.

File Sharing can simply be defined as the act of sending files to someone else, previous methods of file/data sharing was via emails, users can edit and send files to each other and this process used to be vice versa. But do you know that this method poses numerous risks?

Secure File sharing is the act of file sharing which are protected from online threats, it is accessible by limited persons via the permission of the owner. The best example or alternative of secure file sharing is Cloud Storage Service, it offers secure file sharing and protection from many threats and it comes with many features:

  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Expireable Sharing Links.
  • Virus Scanning.
  • Login Activity Monitoring especially for Suspicious activities.
  • File Encryption.
  • Ransomware Protection.
  • Password Protection.
  • Permission-based Access.

Which types of Files should be Shared Securely?

All types of file are important for everyone, whether they are personal, professional, or any other files, they all are important and it’s important to be shared with someone and it needs to be secured, Files that are shared every time are:

  • Legal Files which carry Legal Information.
  • Financial Data Files.
  • HR or Personal Information.
  • Secure Projects

Secure file sharing protects your files from Ransomware, Inappropriate Accesses, Viruses, and other online threats.

Tips to Secure and Safeguard your files using Cloud Storage:

Cloud Storage is a secure application developed by Microsoft which ensures to secure your data/files from threats. Here are some tips to further safeguard your files:

Create a Strong Password.

Use Two Factor Authentication.

File Encryption for your Mobile Device.

Collaborative work with teams helps to secure files. Some options available in this are:

  • Any person you share files with can view them without logging-in.
  • People you share files with can download them, or you can choose to block them.
  • People you share files with can edit them as well, but you can enable a tracker with the help of which you can see the parts which are edited.
  • People with file access can publish comments in files
  • People you share files that enable you an option in which multiple persons can edit the files with real-time collaboration. These changes can sync in real-time and update automatically.
  • People who have access to your files can share them with more people, but you still have an option by which you can disable sharing for users.



There are many options for file sharing available in the market. Here are some simple options for you.

Security Options: Choose a robust security option i.e: Links protected by password and administrative permissions, expirable links if you share with partners/clients outside.

Encryption: Files need to be secure and safe when you share them, choose the proper encryption when utilized by the provider.

Ease of Use: Your storage solution needs to be user-friendly, you should be able to quickly share, receive, and work with team members on these files.

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