POWER APPS : An Overview

POWER APPS : An Overview

POWER APPS: An Overview

Power apps is a suite of data platforms, connectors, apps, and services that provide a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for business needs. Users can rapidly build a business app and connect it with your business data which can be stored either in underlying data platforms or on online/on-premises data sources (Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, SQL Server, etc).

Apps designed using Power Apps offer rich business logic and workflow features to convert the manual business processes to interactive, automatic processes. Further, applications designed using Power Apps have a responsive interface and can run smoothly in browsers or on mobile devices (phone or tablet). By allowing users to build feature-rich, custom business apps without writing code, Power Apps “democratizes” the custom business app building experience.

Power Apps also offers an extensible framework that allows pro developers to communicate with data and metadata programmatically, apply business logic, build custom connectors, and integrate with external data. This app is available on Office 365 as a service by paying $2 – $3 each month to use it (for Office 365 A3 & A5 edition).

Power Apps can be used to create three types of apps (Canvas, model-driven, and portal),

Follow these easy steps to create your custom app with Power apps:

  • Go to the power apps website to create your app
  • This is the app designer used to build canvas apps, using this app to create an app is as easy as building slide decks in PowerPoint.
  • Using this app to build model-driven apps allows users to define their sitemaps and add components to the said app.
  • To build Portal based apps, Power Apps allows users to add and configure webpage components, forms, and lists.
  • It also allows users to plan the build before they start to create an app.

Run the apps build by you in Power Apps or run the app of someone you know friend/family member. You can access it on your browser or on a mobile device.

Power Apps admin center can be used by admins, to create and manage the environment, real-time help recommendation and support for Power Apps and they can even view Common Data Service analytics.

Power Apps for developers can use this application to create apps and create data and metadata, apply server-side logic using Azure, plug-ins, Workflow Extensions, Client-side logic using JavaScript, Integrate external data using webhooks, build custom connectors and can even embed apps into your website experiences to create integrated solutions.

Common Data Service which is used by both Power apps and also by Dynamics 365. This enables you to build apps (Using CDS & Power Apps) directly against core business data with Dynamics 365 without Integrating them with each other.

Users can use Power Apps which is a part of the Office suite for free or by using its 30-day free trial or even by purchasing it along with paid office setup suites.

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