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Microsoft Store: It’s also known as Windows Store is a digital distribution platform owned by Microsoft. It started as an App Store similar to Google Play and Mac App Store, Launched for Windows OS 8 and Windows Server 2012, which served as a primary means of getting Windows Platform Applications. Soon afterward Windows 10 came, Microsoft decided to merge all its distribution platforms including Xbox Store, Xbox Video, Windows Phone Store and they were collectively known as Microsoft Store, it served as a unified platform for apps, games, digital video, Digital Music was included in 2017 and E-books in 2019.

Basic Versions and for Windows 8: Microsoft firstly maintained a similar digital distribution platform which was known as Microsoft Marketplace where the users used to buy software online and they had to enter their credentials (product keys/licenses) to retrieve purchases. It was discontinued in 2008 and from then they opened Microsoft Store. Microsoft announced Store during the Build developers conference on 13 September 2011. The Store presented the applications to its users both traditional and in a modern way, Microsoft presented store in Developer preview for Windows 8 initially but later on presented Customer preview in 2012.

For Windows 8.1: Microsoft discontinued apps and updates for Windows 8 from 2016 because it discontinued, Microsoft upgraded its Store for Windows 8.1, it featured with remodeled Homepage with apps in focused categories (Top Free, Top Paid, Special Offers) along with their details and updates up to July 1, 2023, for Windows 8.1. New Store was introduced with a presentation change, 100+ app list with a lot of choices, and options.

For Windows 10: Microsoft introduced the latest Upgraded Store with merged Microsoft’s distribution platforms including Marketplace, Windows Phone Store, Xbox Music into a unified Windows 10 Store where they offered Apps, Games, Music, Movies, E-books, Themes, etc. In 2017 they facelifted the store by using Microsoft Logo, plus they added a Font download option in-store also.

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