MICROSOFT SWAY: Your Presentation Pal


Microsoft Sway is a presentation program, part of Office Setup Suite which was offered for the general public in August 2015. Sway allows users to combine text and media to create a presentable Website. Users can generally pull up content from the device locally or they can surf up on the Internet to get any content using Bing, OneDrive, YouTube, etc. Web editing programs were developed by Microsoft in past also such as Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, etc. they were not able to provide hosting or other facilities like Sway does.

Sway was developed internally by Microsoft. In 2014 they announced a preview version of Sway and it didn’t require Office 365 Subscription. Sway’s IOS App was launched as a preview on October 31, 2014, but was discontinued later on December 17, 2018, because of its low usage.

As of now, nothing new about Microsoft Sway has been published on Sway Blog since its discontinuation and neither has been updated on its Blog since April 2017. Sway app is not even listed on the App store neither it is available for download.

Sway allows its users from various sources into their Sway presentations. Its integrated services are owned by Microsoft such as OneNote, Bing, and other Sway Websites. Microsoft Sway also provides native integration with other services including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Mix-Cloud, etc.

Sway has been discontinued for the IOS platform, Sway is still available for Windows and its latest version is available for Windows 10 with additional features. Users can use it for work, at students, and even at home. It helps them to create quick and share reports instantly, Sway helps to create interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.

Sway for Windows 10 comes with features of Sway on the Web. It also comes with additional features for PC and Tablet users. Its new features allow users to use its all-integrated content sources, also its built-in design engine to build, edit, and share Sways on the go or even when you are working from home.

Sway also uses your Windows devices Inbuilt Cameras so you can snap the photos to use them instantly. Sway also provides users to preview the presentations even if you are at a place where there is no WIFI or Internet access. Sway allows users to stay logged in with multiple accounts simultaneously if you have only one device for both office and home. As discussed above it’s easy to share on Sway, your work on sway can be seen by your friends, colleagues, family members on the web without signing up or download any additional software.

Sway provides with sharing editing rights along with options to beef up your privacy settings. Start using sway on your windows device. Its available on Windows Store for free. Users sway sites are stored on Microsoft Servers. They can be viewed from any web browser. In order for you to edit the sway sites, you can do it from Office for Web and you need to be Online and there is no Offline Viewing of Sway sites.

Reminder: Some of the elements you want to use on Sway may require the Internet. (Interactive Maps, Cloud Hosting Videos).

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