Microsoft Stream – Corporate Video Streaming Application [Overview].

Microsoft Stream

Corporate Video Streaming Application

Microsoft Stream is a corporate video-sharing service released on June 20, 2017, that replaced Microsoft 365 Video. So it’s a Video service by Microsoft for Enterprises, Organizations, and corporations where people of those corporations can upload view, and share videos of classes, meetings, presentations, training programs securely.

Microsoft Stream is a secure video service where users can manage who views the video content and can determine how widely to share it within the organization. Its secure application access is enabled by Azure Active Directory which is a leader in providing security to protect sensitive corporate content.

Microsoft Stream helps users to manage/organize content into channels and groups so it’s easier to find. Streamworks extremely well with Microsoft Office Apps including Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, and Yammer, providing creative ways to discover relevant content.

Microsoft Stream comes with several features that are very useful like the Noise Suppression feature which when enabled by the user helps the viewer to see the video uninterrupted, this feature cancels all the background sounds, cancels unwanted noise and music, it simply isolates speech for viewers to get better video experience.

Stream also provides a feature where users can automatically generate captions using Automatic Speech Recognition technology. There are other steps by which you can enable this feature. It’s a feature in which users can even upload the caption file, they can also enable the caption for videos.

The stream comes with a feature of Deep Search where you can search for transcripts of a video, you can exactly find a point in a video where the particular phrase is mentioned, then click on it to go to that spot. Another way to do find transcripts is by clicking the video you want to search, type the word you want to search in a video, caption window will appear showing all occurrences and times that the word appears in the video.

Another feature of Stream is that users can view a scrolling transcript window from the playback page of Microsoft Stream, it’s easy to navigate and comes with features of following along with the spoken content of the video. To enable this feature in-stream to go to the video and click view settings, click show transcript

Stream Security

Microsoft Stream allows its admins to manage data in the stream for organizations, In-Stream all the content belongs to the Organization and all user-activity is done on behalf of the organization. To manage data in Stream go to settings > admin settings.

In the Data Privacy section, click manage user data, Search by name, or email address.

click on get report next to a user name, this works for active users in AAD only.

In-Stream admins can add or remove the user from its channel, when the user is permanently deleted from the stream, the deleted user profile continues to appear on all videos, channels, comments, etc. If the desired user can completely remove the name from the channel by going to settings > admin settings.

In the data privacy section, go to manage deleted users.

Search for users who have been permanently deleted.

Change or remove deleted username in Stream.

Save your Changes and username is deleted from Stream.

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