Microsoft launched its latest iPhone Office app today, putting Phrase, Excel , and PowerPoint together in a single app.

latest iPhone Office

The main advantage of the unified Office app is that it only requires a single download with much smaller file size, but it has a few unique features, including camera integration to transform documents and table images into Word and Excel files easily. A new Actions pane is also available for the app that supports a range of basic tasks, such as signing PDFs and scanning QR codes.

Some of the advantages of the new Office software, Microsoft describes, are:

Several primary benefits are offered by the Office app, including:

-Combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a way that simplifies the experience of installing or flipping between fewer applications. It needs much less phone storage than the installation of individual apps while retaining nearly all the functionality that people already know and use of the current mobile apps.

-Combining our Lens technology to unlock camera power with capabilities such as translating images into editable Word and Excel documents, scanning PDFs, and automatically capturing digital whiteboards to make it easier to read the text.

-Adding new features for common tasks that people often experience while working on a computer, such as making fast notes, signing PDFs, scanning QR codes, and moving files between devices.

The new app for Microsoft Office is available on the iPhone App Store and on the Android Google Play Store. Microsoft says the app will soon be designed to support the iPad. The app is free to use without logging in, but an Office 365 subscription starting at $6.99 a month is required to access the premium features.

Microsoft’s stand-alone Vocabulary, Excel, and PowerPoint apps remain available and have recently been revamped with a streamlined three-tab interface.

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