Best Features In Office 2019



These are some of the main features which will appear in your new Office 2019, These features will also be available in Office Setup 365. With the option of Office subscription users may be able to avail them anytime.

  1. Scalable Vector Graphics for MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word.
  2. The translator is available in MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.
  3. LaTeX Equation for creating Math Equations especially in MS Word.
  4. Morph to create specialized and smoother animations in MS PowerPoint.
  5. Zoom Navigation feature available in MS Powerpoint.
  6. Microsoft’s Surface Stylus to navigate slides in MS PowerPoint.
  7. Exciting functions are available in MS Excel.
  8. Inking Functionality in MS Office 2019.

Below will be the details for the above-mentioned features of Office 2019.

  1. Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG can be now added in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents, these types of documents can be easily moved, colored, rotated, and resized without affecting the quality of them. It can be easily located in Insert Tab.
  2. It’s the latest feature in New Office 2019 Setup, it can be accessed by going into the Review Tab of your Excel, Word, or PowerPoint Document and then click on the Translate and Language button. This feature will help users to translate a selected portion of the text or the entire document.
  3. Latex Equation as being the latest feature in Office 2019 provides an option where users can type math using LaTeX Syntax. To insert an equation using the keyboard, press ALT+ =, and then type the equation, You can insert equation symbols outside a math region by using Math AutoCorrect. You can also create math equations using on the keyboard using a combination of keywords and math autocorrect codes.
  4. Morph is the latest transition available in MS PowerPoint, this adds smoother movement to slides, it easily creates desired animation in seconds and the rest will be done by PowerPoint. To use Morph create a duplicate slide, or whatever you plan to do, then click on Transitions and Morph, it will automatically create a smooth animation from original to duplicate slide.
  5. Zoom introduces a new interactive navigation feature to show your slides in PowerPoint. With Zoom, on one single page, you will have thumbnails for all your slides. You can then individually press each slide and you’ll be taken into the slide by a small transition animation.
  6. Use your Surface Stylus to go through slides during PowerPoint presentations, its Stylus can wirelessly move Slides at a distance of 30 ft. By pressing the erase button on Stylus you can advance a slide, press and hold the button to go back one slide.
  7. Additional 6 functions are added in MS Excel to ease up your work while using Excel, they are CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, MINI FS, SWITCH & TEXTJOIN. CONCAT is similar to concatenate, it supports range references, not just cells, MAXIFS can be used to return the largest number in a range while MINI FS can be used to return a small number, WITCH can be used to evaluate one value against a list of values, it will return the result of first matching value and TEXTJOIN is a unique function that can combine text from multiple ranges – you can choose how each text is separated, for example, by a comma, a full stop, or any other delimiter.
  8. Inking functionality is for the touch-based devices, it provides options of ink color and stroke width, erase, edit the text with new Ink tools, all options are available for Office 2019 and 365 on Android, IOS, and Windows devices

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