6 Presentation Software Tips Which Will Make You Invincible



They say that a photo is worth a thousand words. Those that not only have solid content but also have visual appeal, are the most memorable presentations. Good slide presentation software should bring to your live presentation or video conference efforts the much-needed powerful and visual punch so that you can create unique storytelling opportunities that will captivate your audience, whether your deck is client-facing or you are internally presenting.

To compile a convincing presentation, you must first grasp all that your slide presentation program has to offer. Today’s design tools and features are more impressive than ever before. When selecting a product that will help you captivate your audience and design as a professional, here are six software must-haves to look for:

Good “Help” Feature: When it comes to specialized presentation tech features, the future is boundless. Be sure to choose one with characteristics that encourage you to ask questions about your presentation. For example, these creative features can have several similar options if you choose to add unique images or some kind of animation that will appear in a drop-down list.

Smart Search: Do you like to add more detail to your presentation? Look for good tools that are built on the spot to give extra creative inspiration. The ability to simply highlight a keyword, for example, and click to use the search-powered program and bring up web and Wikipedia results, all while your presentation remains accessible. Not only are these revolutionary characteristics useful, but they save time.

Video-Conferencing Capabilities: Not only is video conferencing cost-effective, but it also functions as an effective and time-saving presentation solution. Make sure your video conferencing features are configured to be perfectly matched with the software for your business presentation.

Real-Time Co-Authoring: Are you looking to share your presentation so that your team or audience can make comments or ask questions? Simply upload your presentation to file-sharing systems to encourage users to do just that. Look for features that allow you to share your project with common collaboration tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business. This allows you to invite others to share your idea while giving partners varying degrees of access to your presentation.

Interesting Transitions: It’s easy for workers to tune out because they spend a decent chunk of their time at work attending meetings and watching presentations (almost one-third). It is important for the success of every presentation to build slide transitions that engage. Be sure to select software that provides eye-catching transition features, such as those that animate your objects as they fade in and out of the picture. For example: Morph transitioning can mean the difference between an engaging presentation and an ordinary one.

Visual Uniformity: Although the new company presentation software provides creative design choices like never before, the fundamental criteria for a powerful presentation still apply:

  • Using a text size of a minimum of 25.
  • Using uniform thickness and font sizes.
  • Don’t overwhelm the presentation, more is less. Keep your presentation per slide to 10 lines.
  • To convey the message as simply as possible, have a backdrop that is consistent throughout and allows for optimum color contrast.
  • Make the pictures as big as possible

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