3 secret Microsoft Office 365 hacks for boosting productivity

Microsoft Office 365 hacks for boosting productivity

Microsoft Office 365 hacks for boosting productivity

Chances are you’re still pretty clued up on the suite when it comes to Microsoft Office, confidently flexing your go-to Office 365 tips and tricks on a regular basis. Nevertheless, you are not alone. More than half of companies currently run Office 365, with user usage almost doubling since 2016, recently crowned ‘Leader in Content Services’ by Gartner. Microsoft 365 can be your business suite of choice with its mix of creative apps and powerful cloud services like OneDrive, but it’s almost certainly also your competitors. Mastering the latest productivity tips for Office setup and uncovering new hacks for Microsoft Office 365 is a surefire way to not only get the most out of your Office 365 experience but to work smarter in your industry than others. Here are six lesser-known Microsoft Office 365 hacks that will do just the trick, whether you want an advantage over your rivals or simply want to up your own productivity game.

  1. Get more oriented on your inbox

269 billion emails are sent each day globally. A staggering statistic that might not sound too surprising when on a Monday morning you open your jam-packed inbox first thing. Clutter was, until recently, the simplest but most powerful of the Microsoft Office 365 hacks that solved this problem. By automatically filtering low-priority conversations, spam, and unnecessary messages into a ‘clutter’ folder to prioritize more urgent emails, the helpful tool kept inboxes neat and tidy. Clutter, however, will be no more from January 2020 and is already being replaced by the slicker, more elegant ‘Driven Inbox’. The advanced tool determines the priority of emails based on an understanding of who you are dealing with and the essence of an email, using insights gained from Clutter and initial Oriented Inbox use. The effect is the development of two tabs, a ‘Centered’ tab and an ‘Other’ tab inside your inbox. For example, an email will funnel through your ‘Oriented’ tab providing actionable points from your colleague, while a newsletter or machine-generated email will be pulled through to ‘Other’ for you to read or delete at a more convenient time. But when an email appears in Other, you will be alerted, this hack from Microsoft Office 365 saves time spent sifting through endless emails and prioritizes digital communications and workload.

  1. Learn when to neglect and when to bind

Specifically for Outlook, another effective Microsoft 365 hack is ‘Ignore’ your colleagues (believe it or not). Conversations easily become both disruptive and time-consuming on a busy workday “reply-all”. The productivity function ‘Ignore’ of Office 365 functions close to the Mute button of Google, automatically transferring messages that you no longer want to be part of from your Outlook inbox and into the garbage. Simply open the respective message stream to enable this time-saving Office 365 productivity tip, click ‘Home’ and select ‘Ignore’ in the Delete category. You can only press the ‘Stop Ignoring’ button to opt-in and rejoin the conversation if you change your mind. Looking to save Outlook even more time? By exchanging email attachments for this next Microsoft Office 365 hack, you will shave your minutes off. Share a document by saving an Office 365 file. First, send out an Outlook email with a connection to the cloud file. By default, Outlook will grant permission to the individual with whom you want to share the connection. As always, any time you like, you can alter settings and change access privileges, choosing whether your file can be accessed or modified by collaborators.

  1. Discover the full ability of OneNote

One of the lesser-known Microsoft Office 365 hacks-productivity program, OneNote-will make blitzing the To-do lists even easier. Microsoft OneNote, functioning as a digital diary, helps prioritize to-do lists by combining them with your job so that you can remain concentrated and execute tasks faster. New versions of OneNote provide deeper Outlook integrations, such as meeting scheduling, touch screen functionality, advanced instantaneous search filters, and collaborative tools for co-authoring notebooks. When combined with third-party software like Office Lens, OneNote also works very well. This free app for iOS and Android works to turn the camera of your computer into a scanner on-the-go. For optimized readability as well as safekeeping and organization, you can take a snapshot of a post-meeting whiteboard or significant document and the app will pull the pic through to OneNote automatically.

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